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Aston Martin 1

Sophisticated, elegant, and classy

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Sophisticated, elegant, and classy are just a few synonyms I would use to describe the Aston Martin car brand. The front end of the brand has become synonymous with the Aston Martin distinct look. Is there a more suited look for the automaker than it’s current look? There has always been a cliché, “if it’s not broke don’t fix it.” Here, I use the phrase as well; the look surely isn’t broken, maybe often imitated if anything. So, if the Aston Martin brand is good enough for special agent 007, then I am sure it is a great car for…

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Bag All Of The Things

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One thing I have noticed on social media is that everyone has to voice their opinion right or wrong. Whatever happened to the days of, “if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all?” Without a doubt the most judgmental and boisterous crowd by far is the car community. One minute you will have all the praise in the world, but if you change one small detail on your car if it’s not well received be prepared to feel the wrath. As a car community, we have to start uplifting each other and stop tearing everyone down…

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