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Bag All Of The Things

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One thing I have noticed on social media is that everyone has to voice their opinion right or wrong. Whatever happened to the days of, “if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all?” Without a doubt the most judgmental and boisterous crowd by far is the car community. One minute you will have all the praise in the world, but if you change one small detail on your car if it’s not well received be prepared to feel the wrath. As a car community, we have to start uplifting each other and stop tearing everyone down…

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Luxury At its Finest

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Does everyone remember when gold went out of style? By no means am I talking about spray paint gold, but instead real actual jewelry. You know back in the day 12k or 24k gold jewelry was so popular that everyone needed to have it, but it seemed like it kind of vanished for a little while. In the absence of gold, silver and platinum flourished. And then like clockwork, gold started to reappear around rappers necks in big gaudy chains. For Anil Sahadeo of Jamaica Queens, New York, gold never really left his life. Anil has a pretty cool and…

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