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Some People Like Them Older

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These days it seems like less people are taking the time to restore older cars to their original glory and give them the care that they deserve. It’s easy to go to a dealership and purchase a brand new vehicle and not have to worry about the hassle of maintaining it or playing a game of Russian roulette every time you turn the key. Mackenzie Ebbers however, has an affinity for classic European cars and their boxy, 1980’s nostalgic look. After a brief conversation with Mackenzie it was apparent that she was like the rest of us who adore the…

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Never Give Up

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Bad things happen to good people, let’s just be honest with ourselves for a second. We all go through a period where no matter what we do bad still find its way to us. Not all bad is just all bad if you get what I mean. Basically what I’m saying is some things are a lesson or in this case a chance for upgrades. Now the situations that happened in this story are definitely unfortunate, but a bad situation turned out alright. Accident after accident can take a toll on the moral of anyone, but when it’s your pride…

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